Your favorite songs—animated.

A remaster of MIDIJam, a 3D MIDI file visualizer.

midis2jam2 on a computer screen

MIDIJam for the modern computer.

Feature rich, easy to use, and free. midis2jam2 is the best way to play MIDI files on your computer.

🎶 Your favorite songs—animated.

midis2jam2 is a 3D MIDI file visualizer. It plays any MIDI file and animates its performance with a virtual band.

A remaster of MIDIJam, it provides a faithful recreation of the original MIDI file visualizer with new instruments, graphics, and settings.

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🎥 View from anywhere.

midis2jam2 natively supports a freecam/noclip feature, allowing you to move around the scene and view from any angle.

Get up close to any instrument and notice the detail. Each instrument is accurately and aesthetically animated.

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🔊 Listen with your favorite SoundFont.

Experience midis2jam2 with high-quality sound, allowing you to play with any SoundFont of your choosing.

Have a physical MIDI synthesizer? Connection is easy with simple configuration.

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🪕 More instruments than ever before.

midis2jam2 will complete the GM specification , allowing every MIDI instrument to be visualized.

Instruments including the clarinet, banjo, and helicopter have on-screen visuals—with more to come with every release.

At the present time, midis2jam2 supports the visualization of any instrument 98% of the time.

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🖥️ Free and open-source—forever.

midis2jam2 is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License . It will always be free and open-source. You can view the source code on GitHub .

You can also contribute to the project by reporting bugs, requesting features, or submitting pull requests.

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v1.8.0 Sep 09, 2023

Other platforms, versions, and source  Nightly builds


  • Add new instrument: Kalimba
  • Add a new user interface
  • Add special textures for Synth Basses
  • Add a keyboard control to reset the camera position (#165)
  • Add new setting: smooth camera motion (#107)
  • Add new camera control: slide camera (#107)
  • Fix the issue where an exception is thrown if the first tempo event in a MIDI file does not occur at time zero. (#160)
  • Fix the issue where the bow on bowed instruments did not lift when not playing. (#156)
  • Fix the issue where some text events were displayed in lyrics
  • Improve Trombone position and animation (#154)
  • Improve Space Laser polyphony
  • Improve Guitar stacking

Profiled and packaged with JProfiler  and install4j , a Java profiler and multi-platform installer builder.