Your favorite songs—animated.
A remaster of MIDIJam, a 3D MIDI file visualizer.


Latest version: v1.5.0

What's new?

(Jan 17, 2022)

Version 1.5.0 adds new instruments and features.

You do not need to uninstall any previous versions before installing v1.5.0.

  • Add new instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Oboe, Slap, Reverse Cymbal
  • Add on-screen lyric displays
  • Add autocam
  • Add brand-new launcher interface
  • Add textures for Drumsets: Room, Power, Jazz, and Brush
  • Add drop tuning support for Guitar and Bass Guitar (#63, #76)
  • Add pitch-bend and modulation support for Guitars (and improve these for Space Laser)
  • Add proper CLI support (#64)
  • Add a fade-in
  • Add a skybox
  • Add an option to change graphics level through the settings file (#68)
  • Improve the instrument/stick visibility calculation so instruments/sticks remain visible longer
  • Improve the location of the Harp
  • Improve some algorithms thereby increasing performance
  • Improve the motion of the Space Laser
  • Fix a bug where some MIDI files would crash midis2jam2 (#58)
  • Fix a bug where Choir and Brass would not animate properly
  • Fix a bug where multiple French Horns would overlap
  • Fix a bug where Mallet shadows would clip under the stage
  • Fix a bug where notes outside of the percussion map would cause the Drumset to appear
  • Fix a bug where if the first tempo event did not occur at the start of the MIDI file, midis2jam2 crashed
  • Fix a bug where clones would randomly swap their assigned notes in repeated chords
  • Fix a bug where the floor toms were positioned incorrectly
  • Fix a bug where long loading times would disrupt A/V sync and cause instruments to fly rapidly
  • Fix bugs where some instruments would not transition properly
  • Migrate to JVM 11
  • Rewrite code base in Kotlin(!)
  • Removed option for changing instrument transition speed

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Profiled and packaged with JProfiler and install4j, a Java profiler and multi-platform installer builder.

✏️ Your favorite songs—animated.

midis2jam2 is a 3D MIDI file visualizer. It plays any MIDI file and animates its performance with a virtual band.

A remaster of MIDIJam, it provides a faithful recreation of the original MIDI file visualizer with new instruments, graphics, and settings.

A screenshot of midis2jam2. A stage with a keyboard, a saxophone, a drum set, a bass guitar, an electric guitar, and an acoustic guitar.

🎥 View from anywhere.

midis2jam2 natively supports a freecam/noclip feature, allowing you to move around the scene and view from any angle.

Get up close to any instrument and notice the detail. Each instrument is accurately and aesthetically animated.

A screenshot of midis2jam2. A stage with a keyboard, a harp, music boxes, tubular bells, and a choir.

🔊 Listen with your favorite SoundFont.

Experience midis2jam2 with high-quality sound, allowing you to play with any SoundFont of your choosing.

Have a physical MIDI synthesizer? Connection is easy with simple configuration.

A screenshot of midis2jam2. A stage with a marimba, a trumpet, a clarinet, a tuba, an accordion, strings, a trombone, and a drum set.

🪕 Complete GM implementation.

midis2jam2 will complete the GM implementation, allowing every MIDI instrument to be visualized.

Instruments including the clarinet, banjo, and helicopter have on-screen visuals—with more to come with every release.

midis2jam2 also has support for animating pitch-bend and modulation effects. Look for these animations on the guitar and space laser.