Welcome to midis2jam2!

midis2jam2 is a remaster, sequel, v2.0, etc., to MIDIJam, a MIDI file visualizer made by Scott Haag, last updated in 2007. midis2jam2 aims to faithfully recreate MIDIJam while fixing bugs and completing the GM-1 implementation.

Future versions may add extended features, such as custom graphics, real-time MIDI visualization, and others.

The models and textures used in midis2jam2 are the original assets from MIDIJam. Thanks to Scott for allowing their use in this project!

midis2jam2 is in heavy development and a work in progress. Thus, execution of the program is currently difficult. Read below to learn more.

midis2jam2 screenshot
Getting started
How to get started with midis2jam2.

Because the program is currently in the very early stages of development, you will need to manually execute the program through the command line. Read the full steps listed on the README.

Track the development of midis2jam2.
Because midis2jam2 is a complete rewrite, all instruments must be programmed from scratch. Therefore, it will take a while until all instruments are developed. Keep up to date by tracking the implementation progress.