master Latest build
Add version.txt
2021-07-27T02:34:51+00:00Download JAR →
master b08e162
Documentation, refactor, cleanup, etc.
2021-07-23T02:33:37+00:00Download JAR →
master 73761af
Externalize some GuiLauncher strings
2021-07-20T04:03:21+00:00Download JAR →
master 18b33c4
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2021-07-17T04:49:50+00:00Download JAR →
master 17b7157
Update implementation.adoc
2021-07-15T03:19:26+00:00Download JAR →
master 66eb6bb
Addendum to 2d6e007
2021-07-12T23:01:12+00:00Download JAR →
master 2d6e007
Add the shamisen
2021-07-12T22:40:47+00:00Download JAR →
master 5104deb
Rename GuiLauncher JFrame title
2021-07-12T21:45:00+00:00Download JAR →
master 9245356
Make sticks persistent between quarter notes
2021-07-09T19:48:18+00:00Download JAR →
master 73d4c28
Fix Cello transition easing bug
2021-07-09T03:23:37+00:00Download JAR →
master a961323
Reposition banjo
2021-07-06T21:23:24+00:00Download JAR →
master 04ecf3e
Add the surdo drum
2021-07-05T02:42:24+00:00Download JAR →
master 86c076c
Delete .idea/sonarlint/issuestore directory
2021-07-03T00:29:13+00:00Download JAR →
master 52db2b7
Push LegacyLiaison
2021-07-01T01:01:19+00:00Download JAR →
master Build failed
Updates to launcher and settings
master fb83aca
Add the Banjo
2021-06-29T17:19:45+00:00Download JAR →
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